Postnatal Recovery Program
Heal your Body. restore your core.
Hi, Simone de Cunha here. Welcome to Mum to the Core.

As a Postnatal Rehab Therapist and Functional Pilates Trainer, 20 years of experience has gone into the creation of this program.

Since having my own child and using this process to rehab my own body, I was compelled to share it with others. 

Can't wait to see you on the inside!
Now that you’re a proud new mother, I’d like you to consider these following questions carefully…
  • Are you tired of niggling back pain?
  •  Do you ever feel like your abdominal wall has split in two and the left side simply isn’t communicating with the right? Or perhaps abdominal pain is ongoing?
  • Perhaps you desire a smooth sleek torso and to want to kiss goodbye your mummy tummy.
If you’re anything like me, it began with this gaping hole in my mid-section, a place that used to feel like a part of me suddenly felt so foreign. I'm going to share with you how to go about correcting this and all the other issues associated with giving birth. 

But before I do... I'd like you to now ask yourself the following, as it could make the difference between positive change or ongoing pain & discomfort.
  • How freeing would a strong pelvic floor and core be to you?
  • Is taking a holistic approach to a healthier you in all facets; body, mind, and soul, the way you choose to live?
  • How about the confidence to boost your sex life?
It’s hard to know how to solve this problem without knowing where to begin. Chances are you’ve tried crunches or many other tried and tested abdominal toning techniques gracing your social media feeds. 

Many new mums revert to what they “did before” only to find it doesn’t work or it’s simply aggravated a tired and overly weakened back. 

So before you go into that ab-splitting backbend in Yoga, ask yourself… would you like to free yourself of these issues by learning tried, tested, proven and effective techniques that are 100% safe and targeted to you?

Is your core desire a more desirable core? Continue reading to the end and you will discover exactly how I can help you achieve this – right from inside your own home in just 10 minutes a day. 
Why Mum to the Core Over Other Programs?
  Credentials... Credentials... Credentials - A doctor is not a Postnatal Rehab Expert... A personal trainer is certainly not a Postnatal Rehab Expert, in the same way you don't expect the bricklayer to be the architect. I have studied and trained extensively in this field and hold certifications accordingly. Plus I have worked with mothers internationally in person and through my online program.

  Ongoing Support - We don't sell you a program and leave you to it. I created the program to help mothers rehabilitate their bodies and if you have questions unanswered I have the expertise to answer them and help you through the process.

  Keywords & Buzzwords - This is the kicker. I haven't pulled keywords and buzzwords from analytical data then created a program around it (SIMPLY BECAUSE WE THINK IT WILL SELL) without being qualified to do so. Postnatal rehab is a studied niche. I do this work. I've poured myself into this work. I've done this work for over 20 years.

  Video Training - Something this technical needs to be demonstrated within video as it's the repetition of the correct techniques that create change and form new habits. Our video series is the closest thing to having me in your living room!

  Size 8 Barbie - This one was shared to me by a client who chose to work with Mum to the Core as she was sick of seeing, and didn't relate to, the size 8 Barbie image sold to her. FIRST understand that getting a "ripped core" and six pack abs will NOT heal you postnatally. If that is your goal then firstly you need to correctly heal your core and that's what this program is specifically for.
 What People Are Saying:
"...I'm on the mend well and truly"
“Thank you for giving me the feeling back in my mid-section. I thought it would never happen. I found the program, guidance, and the attention to detail is what really sets this program apart. It’s in the delivery and instruction. I am on the mend, well and truly. My waist is slimmer too.” 
Angela, Auckland, NZ
"... have lost 3kg + 4cm off my waist"
“I just wanted to say I’ve been enjoying your program for a few weeks now and have lost 3kg + 4cm off my waist. The exercises aren’t even that hard and don’t take much time at all. Thanks for all the help!” 
Teresa Ching, Dunedin, NZ
"... a program I could follow "
"Simone measured my progress, gave me functional exercises and a program I could follow at home. She has a very pleasant disposition and training style. I have benefited from the program Simone designed that complements other treatment I am having from a physiotherapist.” 
Robin Prowse, Sydney, Australia
 Here's a Mum who wished she'd done this sooner...
“As a mom of 3 young kids, I realized the need for targeted, holistic postnatal care for women – by experiencing the lack. As my oldest and middle children are less than 2 years apart, I suffered from diastasis recti, though I wasn’t aware of it until experiencing a night of sudden abdominal pain and having a check-up with my gynaecologist. 

Then, low back problems became acute after having my third. The frequent pain from simple activities, even playing with my kids, led me to finally seek physical therapy, which helped me regain the ability to move spontaneously and even to begin long-distance running. 

What I know now is that, despite the quality of prenatal care, women need more after giving birth to nurture and repair their own bodies as they embark on the beautiful journey of motherhood. Women need a program like Mum to the Core with the dedicated, knowledgeable support that Simone provides. 

From my own experience I’ve seen how abdominal weakening slowly worsens, and I wish I would have had such a program; for me, the self-care guidance and long-term benefits would unquestionably have been worth the cost." 
- Erin Giberson, USA
Not only does this holistic style of self-care rehabilitate and streamline your core, the breath-work and time you take to stop and be in a calm space without “mummy fluffing” (aka folding clothes, prepping food, etc.) is hugely beneficial for your well-being. Add to that, impeccable posture and grace with the right amount of soulful nourishment.

That’s why I created Mum to the Core.

About 10 years or so in the making, with countless trials, a re-brand, tummy splint perfecting, and more $ than I care to remember, it was all so very worth it to see where it is today. 

It cuts through the clutter, is targeted and specific and so damn easy… in just 10 minutes a day.

Get rid of back pain, so you can exercise freely again and lift strollers and baby.

Repair diastasis recti, so you no longer bulge with mummy tummy.

Embarrassing leaks… a thing of the past, so you can ditch the Tena pads.

Firm your waistline, so you can wear that favourite once unforgiving dress again.
What you will receive...
For the price of a yummy meal out (complete with wine of course!) or a mani / pedi combo, you can gain access to ALL of the following...
Lifetime Access To Our MTTC 6 Week Recovery Program
(Simone teaches the same lessons in-house to the value of $349)
Tried, tested and proven over many years - this program works and delivers results to any Mama who commits to it! 

Available as a membership log-in across all platforms including tablets, smart phones and computers. 
Access To Our MTTC Closed Facebook Group
($49 Value)
Support and ongoing encouragement to reach your goals is what this boutique community is all about. All your comments and questions are heard within a nurturing community of like-minded women.

Simone replies to every single mama who reaches out by embracing the opportunity to interact and help.
One-to-One 45 min Skype Session With Simone
($69 Value)
If you'd like to connect with Simone personally using Skype video, simply contact her to arrange a time. 

This can be very helpful for technique / form correction, support and guidance, and to help women in a much more intimate and personalised manner.  
Bonus Week 7 Advanced Videos 
($39 Value)
Our 6 week program now includes advanced videos to take your integrated core training to the next level - these final exercises help shape your abdominals by acting like a corset, kinda like pulling the drawstring on your favourite pair of tracksuit pants.  
Sanity: You Want it? eBook 
($17 Value)
We've created a toolkit to help you through the transition, isolation and looser community links, modern perfectionism and mum guilt, and so much more. Not to forget, our fabulous interview with a gentle and practical sleep guru who shares some real golden nuggets around helping you and your baby get some much-needed rest!  
  • Nutritional tips: Created to support the program and keep you energised during a demanding time of your life.
  • Printable Weekly Progress Tracker: To document specific measurements that will allow you to clearly see tangible results.
  • FAQ's: It's new, it's different, but likely it has been questioned before. Here you'll find answers.
Total Combined Value: 
  • Uniquely designed Mum to the Core elasticated tummy splint (for improving & speeding up the recovery process) - MADE IN NEW ZEALAND OF THE HIGHEST QUALITY
Purchase Today for Only: 

$49 - program only or...
$79 - program + splint

$49 - program only or...
$79 - program + splint
 Harriet Johnson felt compelled to share this message after her Skype call with Simone...
“Wow feeling so energised and ‘buzzing’ with motivation after my amazing consult call with Simone from Mum to the Core! What a woman! I wanted advice and methods to get my mind and body ready for baby number two, and that’s exactly what I got. Such a friendly, relatable but super professional woman to work with, looking forward to my next call :)” 
Why splint?
Women have been splinting and wrapping their abdominals for centuries. The Japanese wear a “sarashi” for binding post baby and Latino women wrap themselves with a “faja”. There are any number and variety of tummy wrap or splint out on the market and each has their own benefits.
In the many years I’ve spent working with pre and post-natal women, general or rehab, it’s hugely evident that our “system” gives little or no importance to mum recovering her body after birth. Your body works so hard to adjust to accommodate this new life as he or she grows.

There will be those that tell you not every mother gets abdominal separation or Diastasis Recti. However, I am not sure that can really be true. 
Diastasis Recti is when the tissue down the middle of the belly (cutting through your rectus abdominus or 6 pack muscle), the linea alba, stretches from the sternum all the way down the midline of the body to the pubic bone. There are a few abdominal layers of which this is the top layer. 

With a baby growing from the size of a pea to sometimes up to 10 pound and more, how could it be humanly possible to not experience DR, or at the very least severely stretch weakened muscles that contribute to mummy tummy, back instability and incontinence, etc. Sometimes resulting in hernia or even prolapse in the future. 

Add to that picking up baby from the cot, housework, lifting car capsules and strollers, dying to get back on the netball court, plus all the other myriad mum tasks, and it becomes very clear why it’s necessary to splint, but splint with purpose. What I mean is add to the equation effective targeted mind body training and you have a winning formula.
Why use the MTTC splint & Mum to the Core 6 Week Program combo?
Our uniquely designed splint was created with our program in mind. The flexible yet hardy fabric we’ve used allows for the perfect balance so that not only is diastasis recti treated by drawing the fibres back together, but through clever targeted training the rest of the abdominals are essentially funneled. We work to habitually change your mind body conditioning with the exercises. 

The MTTC splint allows for correct breathing and range of motion as its width makes for manageable movement.

Whilst traditional full tummy corset style splints are great post baby, they do not train you to use your muscles correctly so that in time you no longer need to splint and your body can return to (in my case and many others) regular activities and live a healthy pain free life.
When I was helping women one-to-one to resolve these same issues (at least 4 – 6 sessions privately) I was charging minimum $350.00 without tummy splint, videos and material they could refer back to. I feel that’s where the value lies. I’ve been told by one customer that my videos were so descriptive, for the first time she had the “ahh I get it now” feeling. 

That’s why I wanted to make this available to many women.

By taking part in this program you will receive the best tuition available, information at your fingertips, and our very own purpose-designed Mum to the Core tummy splint should you opt for the full package.

I’m so confident in this program that I guarantee you will gain a slimmer waistline, minimise back pain, and achieve a 1 to 3 cm gap closure of a gaping diastasis recti - provided you commit to doing this practice daily.

I urge you not to delay in beginning this program, because by doing so your diastasis recti may worsen by activities you are doing that could be harming you. And we all know that the longer we leave something, the harder it is to start!

See it as the beginning of a new you and give yourself the gift of a lifetime as the results last forever. You can then begin to embrace activities as you did before baby, safely with strength and confidence.

Program + Splint - $79 USD (best value with this combo)

Program ONLY - $49 USD

Splint $39 (if purchased at a later date)
  Klaudia - a Mum to the Core member, sits with Simone and shares her experience with the program...
  Hayley-Anne shares her experience with the online program...
"What’s wrong with simply joining or sticking with a local fitness class / group for mums?"

Untargeted and nonspecific exercise, unless it’s delivered by a post-natal rehab specialist with a heck of a lot of expertise, is contradictive. What that means is not only is it not the best choice, it is harmful and will likely cause potential problems to become further ingrained. Katarina, (testimonial on our home page came to me after doing just that; pounding the pavement and doing ab crunches thinking she was helping herself, only to find out it was making matters worse for her body. 

"Will the Mum to the Core program work for me and my body type?" 

Yes. It is designed to target very specific areas working from the inside out. Any mother who follows through with the program will see and feel a measurable, positive difference. We understand mums come in all shapes and sizes, however if you’re not sure about your body type and whether this program will work for you – please email me or use the Facebook messenger button (below right) to discuss your situation.

"I had my child over 3 – 5 years ago. Is it too late to gain the benefits of this program?" 

No. I’ve had mums with 4 year old kids and children around the toddler age group do this program with incredible results, some have even closed the gap completely. I was even shocked myself. However, it’s often women in this category coming to us who were either, too exhausted when their baby was 6 months, or didn’t know and thought they’d be just fine. Problems start to present themselves that a traditional “core” workout just doesn’t solve.   

"I’ve heard this program only requires 10 mins a day of exercises… however I’m really not sure how I’ll be able to find the time or energy to do this (I’m exhausted!!)? " 

As a mother I know exactly how you feel. I was going through a divorce and my father had passed away, all before my angel Gisele was 3 years old. I was a wreck, and physically and emotionally drained. In times like these it became so much more important to find and create small time slots throughout each day that I could invest back into my own health and well-being. And I realise that is easier said than done, but it was paramount to holding my space for any sanity and therefore the well-being of my girl. This program works best when practiced daily, however we have mums who have experienced fantastic results without being able to commit to the full program. Remember, something is better than nothing. You will have the program to keep as long as you need so you can always come back to it with renewed energy down the track.  

"I feel guilty investing time and money into myself when I should spend it on raising my baby." 

Self-care is the most important gift you can give yourself, for yourself, your partner and most importantly your child/children. Yes, your life is an utter blessing and you’re immensely grateful for your beautiful family. However, if you’re like me, that busyness, messiness, hectic taking care of others plus working absolutely will take its toll… it absolutely will. It takes planning, but making your own self-care a priority also sets a valuable example for those you love most in life.   

Think of taking care of yourself as kinda like the ‘airplane scenario’… in an emergency, if the oxygen masks fall down from the cabin ceiling, adult passengers (& parents) are instructed to fit the mask to themselves first… THEN fit the mask to their children. The reasoning here is that if you fail to fit yourself first then you are at risk of passing out and becoming completely helpless to your children who may not be able to fit the oxygen masks properly on their own. The more you can take care of yourself, the better you are able to help others including your young ones :) 

"I would like to join the MTTC program but it’s a little too pricey for me." 

Hmm… this one’s a good one. I’ve seen so many women spend so much money on expensive therapists in order to try and heal something which they could have healed with a little effort and a lot less money. Medical bills for incontinence-related surgery, years of doctors and physio visits, and all the other costs that will accumulate if you ignore the root cause… In that context, how could you afford not to do this program? Think of this as an investment into the future well-being of your body, and realise that it will save you a lot more $$ down the track! 
  Marnie Hillier shares her story & how you can achieve great results without completing the full program
To recap, you will receive...
#1: 6 week recovery program
#2: Supportive Private FB group 
#3: Nutritional tips and tricks & progress tracker
#4: Sanity eBook
#5: 45min Skype With Simone
#6: Bonus Advanced Vids
 Hear what Kim has to say after completing the 6 weeks...
“The Mum to the Core programme was exactly what I needed! I’m so glad Simone started this programme!  I have suffered with pelvic floor dysfunction symptoms after my second pregnancy for almost two years. Even after doing all the "right things", I still ended up with a 2cm gap over my belly button and a 1cm gap above. But what was amazing was in only 4 weeks of doing Simone’s programme I had closed the gap.   
Even my pelvic floor physio was impressed the gap had closed at all, let alone within such a small amount of time, especially two years post-partum. I didn't have to do anything major to achieve this result, just 10 mins a day, every day. Thanks Mum to the Core for helping me feel like I'm getting my body back again after having kids." - Kim Cottew, NZ   
  Join Mum to the Core 6 Week Program
Disclaimer: Before partaking in this program, we recommend you have your 6-week post-partum check-up and are cleared by your lead maternity carer. All material and / or advice made available to you by us (MTTC) is provided for your information only and may not be construed as medical advice. You are responsible for your own choices, actions, and results regarding any health concerns that may require medical supervision. Full Disclaimer here.
** For best results use our specially designed Mum to the Core tummy splint - these are tested and proven to assist in faster recovery. Mum to the Core splints are more narrow than typical tummy splints, allowing you to carry out the exercises in the 6 Week Program while wearing it. **

Program ONLY - $49 USD or...
Program + Splint - $79 USD (save money with this combo)
(Splint $39 if purchased at a later date)
Select Option: For best results use the tummy splint
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Secure Encrypted Payments

All payments made over a secure network using SSL secure payments. Your privacy is important to us.

90 Day Results Guarantee

We guarantee you will gain a slimmer waistline, minimise back pain, and achieve a 1 to 3 cm gap closure of a gaping diastasis recti - provided you commit to doing this practice daily. Or your money back on the program.

90 Day Results Guarantee

We guarantee you will gain a slimmer waistline, minimise back pain, and achieve a 1 to 3 cm gap closure of a gaping diastasis recti - provided you commit to doing this practice daily. Or your money back on the program.

Secure Encrypted Payments

All payments made over a secure network using SSL secure payments. Your privacy is important to us.
If you're interested in joining our program, but have some questions you'd like answered before you make a decision, please don't hesitate to contact me personally using the Facebook Messenger icon on the bottom right, or email me - I am a REAL person and always welcome inquiries! Simone :) 
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